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How To Get Rid of Duplicate/Incorrect Student Records in Higher Ed Systems like Banner - MyEdulife

How To Get Rid of Duplicate/Incorrect Student Records in Higher Ed Systems like Banner


The Problem – duplicate student records in Higher Education data systems cost money, time and personnel resources


Background – Legacy Higher Education Admission Systems did not strictly enforce unique student records for those students without United States Social Security numbers. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, previous addresses etc. were often used for entering students into the University databases to determine if those without a valid SS# were already there. Nevertheless, duplicate (and partial) records often exist within Higher Education databases, especially for students.

Solution – Modern ERP systems for Higher Education do a much better job of verification of unique records because they use secondary sources to check on addresses, telephone numbers, and social security information. Before a new student record is added to the database, the “common matching” function is invoked and, depending on the algorithm, does a pretty good job of identifying potential duplicates before they are entered.

How MyEduLife can help – if the University is using “common matching” for new admits, then going forward the duplicates will eventually be minimized. However, existing entrees will still have to be scanned for duplicates – and that’s where MyEduLife can help.

MyEdulife can help with Data Issues such as Duplicate Student Records with ERPS such as Sungard’s Banner, Datatel, Jenzabar, and Peoplesoft

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